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  • October 01

  • David Fraser Canadian Brug Enthusiasts Our best bloom year yet. http://youtu.be/XdUk43oNWxU
    about 4 years ago
  • March 06

  • Btilley60 Bluemchenblume I just purchased a membership to iBRUGS and all of the seed bank and all of the forums are from 2012 is this site still up and running or did i waste my money
    about 5 years ago
  • November 07

  • xeriscape8321 burgele Hello Christa!! Guess who is back :} I just rejoined iBrugs today.....I tried calling you today but there was no answer and no voicemail....I hope all is well with you you. Everything here is fine...I just for the first time in two years started to clear out my yard and go thru my survivors.....the oldies but goodies can live thru hell....i've have put them to the ultimate test for sure...anyway, i hope to talk to you soon, Gary
    about 5 years ago
  • September 26

  • kasha77 ERALDO54 Hello! I hope you are doing well! I am so sorry- this is the first time I've seen your email to me concerning buying my brug cuttings. Yes I am still offering them for sale. If you are still interested, you can purchase them through my web store, www.gardensbykasha.ecrater.com. I also have other tropicals as well. Let me know if I can help you further. My email is gardensbykasha@yahoo.com. Have a wonderful day! ;)
    about 5 years ago
  • September 09

  • Juan xeriscape8321 Hello Gary, I just saw your La Femme Fatale, and fell in love with it. Please let me know if it's possible to buy a cutting from you and how to go about doing that? Best Regards, Juan
    about 6 years ago
  • June 24

  • Alice Harris Everything Brugmansia Anyone with new brugs to register? Helmut, are you feeling better?
    about 6 years ago
  • Moonglow RJ Happy Summer!
    about 6 years ago
  • Moonglow kasha77 So wonderful to see you here!
    about 6 years ago
    • kasha77Good to see you too! How are you doing with your angels?
      7:41 AM June 24
  • Moonglow JammysGems Hello, Jammy! Good to see you here at iBrugs!
    about 6 years ago
  • May 19

  • KOZMO Edna Hi Edna, I been a member since way back but since it was taken over a couple years back I haven't made to many friends, my part mostly not getting online etc. I lost almost everything when the hurricane remnace blew and destroyed everything, that was about 5 yrs now, I have a few but not any that I had treasured before. I was wondering if you had any cuttings? The seed bank has slim pickings and I'm have a hard time germinating the last few batches I have gotten. Anyway I would certainly pay you for your trouble or you could donate it to anyone, I sure would appreciate your help. Bill Niemeyer 1261 Harbor Ct Independence, Ky 41051
    about 6 years ago
  • February 28

  • rhapsody Bluemchenblume Thanks for the add!
    about 6 years ago
  • February 21

  • GordonHawk Everything Brugmansia Well... my video interview of me in my garden is up and running this week... come visit with me in my garden... and be sure to look through and visit some of the other NYorkers also.. all hard core individuals I'm afraid... http://nyorkers.com/gordon-hawkins/
    about 6 years ago
  • January 22

  • Lenette Florida Bruggies Does anyone post here anymore lol? How is your winter going? We are having a very warm one in the NE FL area. I haven't even closed the greenhouse door except for 2 nights so far. I left some of the brugs out and also left a 6ft sausage tree in the ground (Kigelia)to see if it would be hardy this winter. I have 3 of them and usually they lose their leaves in the gh during the winter and then get new leaves in the spring. I keep them in pots and root prune them every winter kinda like the brugs. They will be 4 years old this spring so I am hoping they will bloom sometime soon lol. Hope everyone and their plants are doing well!
    about 6 years ago
  • January 15

  • rhapsody KOZMO Thanks for the add!
    about 6 years ago
  • December 29

  • rhapsody anton6500 Big welcome from Long Beach CA.
    about 6 years ago