Cultivar Registration Form

The following registration submission form enables you to register a new Brugmansia cultivar.  Before beginning, we encourage you to review the form and click through to the various help screens if you are unsure as to how to answer some of the questions. 

While the form below may appear complex to some, it is actually relatively easy to complete.  The questions in BOLD type followed by an asterik are the minimum requirements for registration, and must be completed.  We strongly encourage all applicants to additionally complete the rest of the questions.  The additional information compiled assists breeders in selecting cultivars for use in their programs.  It also helps gardners determine which cultivars they may wish to add to their collections.  iBrugs offers assistance to those who may encounter difficulties in completing this registration form.  For assistance, please contact the iBrugs registrar at

Remember to upload the required images at the bottom of the form. 

Your submission of data and photos, authorizes their use for nomenclature purposes. Registration and publication of the Cultivar you have created or discovered establishes its international recognition in perpetuity, so it is worth approaching this thoroughly.  We look forward to seeing your new cultivar registered!

Pre-Cultivar Registration Submission Quiz.

Before completing the cultivar submission form, please make sure you can answer "YES" to the following questions:

Does this cultivar represent a significant improvement over existing cultivars in your region?

Have you successfully propagated this plant and more than one plant is currently in existance?

Have the propagated plants remained true (identical) to the host plant?

Have you observed the blooms on this cultivar for at least 18 months following the first bloom?

Have you checked the iBrugs Cultivar Namelist toi make certain the name you have selected is not already in use?

Do you have the four photos (bloom face, side view of bloom, close-up of leaf, and full view of mature plant) required to register a cultivar?

If you have answered yes to all the questions above, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now ready to register your cultivar via the form below.


Important Information

All submissions are reviewed by the registrar and must be approved before they are eligible to be published. If you have questions concerning this process, please email the registrar.

When uploading photos, please make certain the image name contains the cultivar name.  If you encounter any problems with the cultivar submission form below, please email the registrar.

Click here for examples of brugmansia anatomy and measurement. 

Please create an account, or sign-in to your exisitng account before completing the form below. - Thanks!