iBrugs Namelist of Established Cultivars

This is the home of the International Brugmansia & Datura Society's list of named Brugmansia cultivars.  This list has been compiled by IBADS/iBrugs using multiple resources in the public domain.  Those resources include, but are not limited to, the following; American Brugmansia and Datura Society, Brugmansia Growers International, Dave's Garden Plant Files, HUANDAJ Brugmansia, GardenWeb, printed nursery catalogs, and more. 

What is it? It is a listing of over 1900 known cultivar epithets in Brugmansia. The epithet is the part of the cultivar name that distinguishes it (i.e. Brugmansia ‘Ecuador Pink’ is the cultivar name, and ‘Ecuador Pink’ is the epithet). The listing includes information (where available) on where the name has been established, if the name transgresses the provisions of the 2004 Code, if the plant no longer exists, the breeding history grouping to which the cultivar belongs, its parentage, flower color and form, hybridizer, discoverer and seedling parents, country of origin and year of introduction.

Copying and ownership. Individual pieces of data have been (and will continue to be) derived from and cross-checked with a great many sources (real and virtual) in the public domain. Nevertheless, although the Register and Checklist can be downloaded, it, as a whole document, remains the copyright of the International Brugmansia & Datura Society, Inc. and may not be copied without permission. It will be regularly updated and therefore copies from any particular time will soon become out of date; it is therefore unwise to rely on copies for up-to-date information. Linking to this list is permitted and encouraged, however.


Access iBrugs' Brugmansia Register & Checklist Here


Although our Register and Checklist is already the most comprehensive available, it remains a work in progress. First, new cultivars will be added to this list after they are registered or published. Second, our on-going research through horticultural literature and the internet, and communication with breeders will likely yield cultivar names we have missed, places of establishment of names we have yet to record, and, we hope, parentage data for many cultivars for which this is still missing. We are currently working on a live, real-time cultivar database with photos.  This database is expected to be live before the end of 2012. 

Acknowledgements   A number of people have been involved in assembling this data. IBADS/iBrugs would like to thank our current registrar, Helmut Posch, and the following former ABADS members who helped create the original cultivar list that this list, and the list of other similar organizations and select publications were built upon:  Monika Gottschalk, Mary Haik, Vicki Harding,  Dr. Alistair Hay, Crystal Hogan, Tom Hulse, Shirley Morr, Susan Poland, Patricia Reynolds, Ruth Ann Tiedjens and Linda Wreggitt.

Additions and corrections are encouraged and welcome: please send them to the International Registrar for Brugmansia, (registrar@ibrugs.com).


Can't Find a Cultivar in Our List?

It is the goal of the International Brugmansia Society to maintain the most complete, up to date and accurate list of named brugmansia cultivars on the planet.  If you have come across a published brugmansia name that is not on our list, or find an error, please email the details to us so we can research and make the appropriate changes to the iBrugs Namelist.

Additional Cultivar Lists

Listed below are links to lists of other Brugmansia related species.  These lists have been compiled from published information available in the public domain.  As a result, iBrugs cannot guarantee the accuraccy of the published information.  We are striving to maintain the most accurate lists available anywhere, so please drop us a note if you find errors or discrepencies.

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