Hybridizing Basics

Hybrizing Brugmansia

Hybridizing Brugmansia is easy!  For most Brugmansia enthusiaststhe thrill of developing new and exciting varieties in new colors and forms is what makes hybridizing brugmansia so much fun! The International Brugmansia and Datura Society is here to help you learn the basics and share advanced hybridizing techniques.  Learn the basics here.

Helpful Hybridizing Links

We've compiled links to helpful hybridizing resources found on iBrugs.com below:

* Cultivar Namelist - Use our Brugmansia Cultivar Namelist to study the parentage of brugmansia you wish to use in your hybridizing program.

* iBrugs Knowledgebase - Visit the iBrugs Knowledge Center to read various articles related to hybridizing.

* Hybridizers Hangout - Visit our Community Pod (forum) devoted to hybridizing.  Got a question related to hybridizing, ask it here!

* More to come




Brugmansia Anatomy

Brugmansia Anatomy

Are you confused over the difference between a style and stigma, then visit our Brugmansia Anatomy page for a quick overview of the various parts of a Brugmansia Flower and much more!

Brugmansia Comparison

Brugmansia Comparisons

Brugmansia flowers and plants can take on many forms.  We've compiled a group of photographs to help show some of the many differences. 

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