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This is the official Pod for Use this pod to post your suggestions and ideas for and get answers to your questions. This is also the place we'll keep you up to date with what is going on with
  • October 15

  • Welcome rhapsody
    about 6 years ago
  • September 03

  • Mark Hello all!!!
    about 7 years ago
    • greenfingerMark - welcome to iBrugs!
      2:37 AM September 04
    • Markthank you!
      4:26 AM September 04
    • FredHi Mark, welcome to iBrugs. If you need any help finding your way around, tap back.

      4:40 AM September 06
    • rhapsodyWelcome Mark!
      6:06 PM October 21
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    about 7 years ago
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  • October 11

  • Hello yawll...I'm already a member, but just had to add to my list of groups...:)
    about 7 years ago
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    about 7 years ago
  • July 19

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  • April 08

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    about 8 years ago
  • April 07

  • dee Hello FRED,I don't know ifanyone has told the group that Shirley Morr's husband has passed away, I am not sure of the exact date , Just thought that the ABADS members would like to know. In a different subject I am wondering if you have been able to find out if membership can be paid by check. Thanks -maristella
    about 8 years ago
    • FredThanks for passing along the sad news Maristella. I remember Shirley telling me he had not been well for quite some time.

      Yes you can pay by check. We do not have a form available, all you have to do is send your membership info and check to the address listed under the ABOUT/CONTACT US menu tab. Checks should be made out to IBADS. Thanks!
      3:12 AM April 08
  • April 05

  • Welcome KOZMO
    about 8 years ago
  • March 07

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  • January 17

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  • October 11

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  • October 02

  • MSbrug Fred, I had photos printed in one of The Trumpeter published by ABADS and would like a copy. Are the Trumpeters archived on line, if so, where? Thanks. Barbara
    about 8 years ago
    • FredHi Barbara, The Trumpeters are not available online right now, but they will be this fall when the ABADS data is transferred to this site.

      If you need the photos sooner, let me know the issue and the photos you are looking for and I'll see if I can locate them for you.

      3:56 PM October 02